Embellished Tops

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CAM 14152
Floral Top Embellishment; Rustic Colours; Motif Size - 39cm x 44cm ..
£6.60 each
CAM 14316
Star Top Embellishment; Red, Blue and Gold colourway ..
£5.00 each
CAM 14324
Top Embellishment; Sapphire, Fuschia and Gold colourway; W 38.5cm x H 37.6cm ..
£4.50 each
CAM 14777
Top Embellishment; Bronze, Black and Silver colourway; W 36.7cm x H 53.1cm ..
£6.50 each
CAM 14792
Top Embellishment; Green, and Copper colourway; W 36.1cm x H 29.2cm ..
£2.50 each
CAM 14812
Top Embellishment; White, and Silver colourway; W 41.1cm x H 45.2cm ..
£7.00 each
CAM 14819
Top Embellishment; Gold colourway; W 37.9cm x H 40.9cm ..
£4.00 each
CAM 14822
Top Embellishment; Red, Gold and Silver colourway; W 33cm x H 41.5cm ..
£3.50 each
CAM 14871
Top Embellishment; Green, Purple, Blue and Pink colourway; W 37.9cm x H 45.7cm ..
£5.00 each
CAM 14874
Top Embellishment; Gold colourway; W 38.5cm x H 38cm ..
£3.50 each