Feminine Expressionism

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CAM 3385
Her Highness; Pink Studs, Silver Star Nailheads and Silver Glitter; Motif Size - 15.4cm x 7.2cm ..
£1.00 each
CAM 3387
Million Dollar Babe; Silver Studs, Gold Studs and Gold Star Nailheads; Motif Size - 14.9cm x 12.4..
£1.10 each
CAM 3388
I Love Me; Ruby Stones and Clear Crystals; Motif Size - 10.5cm x 3.4cm ..
£1.00 each
CAM 3389
Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend; Clear Crystals and Silver Glitter; Motif Size - 20.3cm x 5.6cm ..
£1.20 each
CAM 3390
Its All About Me; Clear Crystals and Silver Glitter; Motif Size - 12.2cm x 5.6cm ..
£1.00 each
CAM 3391
Naughty Bunny; Clear Crystals, Turquoise Studs, Lt Blue Studs and Silver Studs; Motif Size - 33cm..
£1.80 each
CAM 3401
Dark Angel; Bk Diamond Stones and Gunmetal Glitter; Motif Size - 22.2cm x 7.6cm ..
£1.20 each
CAM 3402
A For Angel; Clear Crystals and Silver Glitter; Motif Size - 14.2cm x 4.8cm ..
£1.00 each